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Multifamily Website Tips and Tricks to Keep Renters Engaged

Multifamily Website Tips and Tricks to Keep Renters Engaged

Between videos, virtual tours, and chatbots, website design can give multifamily marketers a collection of features to build their marketing strategy and help keep prospective renters visiting their websites engaged. 

Over 70 percent of renters shop for their next apartment online, and the website is their first look into a multifamily property. Now more than ever, it is crucial to pay attention to website design and how you can make the prospect's journey even more seamless.   

So, what multifamily website tips and tricks can you use to keep prospective renters engaged on your website? Below, we summarize some of the most important design aspects to consider when refreshing your multifamily website for the new year.

Guide the Prospects Journey

The primary goal of any multifamily website is to convert those leads into leases. Whether the community is still under construction or you are just trying to fill in those vacant units,  when renters come to your website, you should have a design that guides them through the entire process.

Start with displaying a virtual tour right on your homepage. This can make it easy for renters to view the property on their own terms and at their own pace. Virtual tours can not only include stunning photography of your property, but you can also include floor plans that help show what units look like. 

Continuing to guide the prospect through the journey doesn’t end at a virtual tour. You can also make your multifamily website help streamline the entire leasing process. 

Giving the options of scheduling an in-person tour, showing rental prices, and even allowing people to lease a unit right from the website can help convert more leases, especially because virtual leasing is starting to become the norm in the industry. 

8 East Huron Virtual Tour

A Great SEO Strategy

SEO is a pillar of a strong and successful website. Regarding your multifamily website, it’s not just about putting attractive content on the page but the right content. 

A recent study showed that virtual tours boost clicks on websites by 40 percent, but videos and other visual content are only one part of SEO. Written content should be well thought out and helpful to the visitor. 

Including keywords that pertain to relevant searches can help show your website as one of the top ones among Google and other search engines. Keywords like virtual tours generate a lot of searches these days, so think about including more relevant keywords along with that. 

Virtual Tour Laptop Mockup

Accessibility For All

Another great multifamily website tip is making it accessible for all. Ensure your multifamily website is easy to navigate, keeping visitors on one page rather than bouncing back and forth for information.

Having a website set up where you can view still photos, a floor plan, and, most important part, a call to action right below can make the process easier for your visitors.

Excellent images and videos are hugely important to help make your website more accessible, but also realizing that some people may not be able to see those images is something multifamily communities should consider when creating the website. In fact, 26 percent of adults in the U.S. have some type of disability, and 4.6 percent have a type of vision disability. 

Creating a website that is accessible for all can really help to increase leases from all leads that come through the website. 


mockuper (15)

Keep Everything Mobile Friendly

Technology has enabled people to access the internet wherever they use whatever device they have. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly can help drive more leads and visitors to your website.

A study found that 48 percent of people believe the company doesn't care about its audience if a website doesn’t work properly on a mobile device. 

Ensuring that a community’s website works well on mobile devices can provide further reach to people because, nowadays, most people access the internet on their phones. 

If you’re looking for more multifamily website tips and tricks to help keep prospective renters engaged, contact our sales team today!

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