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Why LCP Media?

LCP Media (Light Camera Pixels) is a national visual media technology company based in Chicago, IL. We are dedicated to creating unforgettable virtual real estate experiences by combining unrivaled technology solutions with our unparalleled customer service.

Our company was founded in 2011 by two brothers with a passion for photography and creating virtual content. LCP Media partnered with Google in 2013 to become one of the largest Google Photography Agencies in the world, with a network of over 32,000 photographers today.

As a family-owned business, our team is driven by one common purpose: to deliver world-class service to every customer, every time. We value relationships, and as a result, our clients are enthusiastically loyal and trust our expertise. While we are an innovative technology company, our dedicated human touch in everything we do is what makes LCP Media unique.

Simply put, we deliver an unreal experience from start to finish.

So real, It's Unreal



HS 2023 - Wojciech K_Square

Wojciech Kalembasa

Chief Executive Officer
HS 2023 - Tom K_Square

Tom Kalembasa

Chief Revenue Officer
HS 2023 - Tom C (New)

Tom Chomiak

Chief Technology Officer
HS 2023 - John H_Square

John Harter

Chief Operating Officer
HS 2023 - Izzy C_Square

Izzy Carunungan

Chief Marketing Officer

Team Leaders

HS 2023 - Whitney S (1)-min

Whitney Sullender

Executive Vice President of Sales
HS 2023 - Israel B. (New)psd

Israel Betanzos

Vice President of Production
HS 2023 - Jennifer A_Square

Jennifer Alesse

Vice President of Operations
HS 2023 - Rayhanna G_Square

Rayhanna Guillen

Director of 3D Operations
HS 2023 - Nick S_Square

Nick Sheetz

Director of Business Processes and Analytics
HS 2023 - Kelly D_Square

Kelly Daliege

Accounts Receivable Manager
Siarhei Sanikovich

Siarhei Sanikovich

Director of 3D Production
Julie Hackbarth

Julie Hackbarth

Director of Solutions Engineering


HS 2023 - Tom L_Square

Tom Lisak

Senior Vice President of Sales
HS 2023 - Nick H_Square

Nick Harter

Senior Vice President of Sales
HS 2024 - Tammy M_Square

Tammy Majette

Senior Vice President of Sales
HS 2023 - David B_Square

David Bieszczad

Vice President of Sales and Development
HS 2023 - Jack K_Square

Jack Kalembasa

Vice President of Sales
HS 2023 - Torrence M (New)

Torrence Mitchell

Vice President of Sales
HS 2023 - Drew C (1)

Drew Cravey

Vice President of Sales
HS 2023 - Daniel K_Square

Daniel Kim

Senior National Account Executive
HS 2023 - Christopher P_Square

Christopher Pecho

Senior National Account Executive
HS 2023 - Adam P_Square

Adam Pecho

Senior National Account Executive

Meet the Rest of the Team! 

Edited - 12th anniversary
Pro_LCP Media_Womens Day-Square-1
Group photo of LCP Media team
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