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Marketing & Client Success

HS 2023 - Daniel H_Square

Danny Hesslau

Manager, Client Success
HS 2023 - Alicja J_Square

Alicja Januszko

Client Success Specialist
HS 2023 - Avery N_Square

Avery Nelson

Client Success Specialist
HS 2023 - Jonathan D_Square

Jonathan Davis

Product Support Specialist


HS 2023 - Lasheda W_Square

Lasheda Wallace

Lead Project Manager
HS 2023 - Sarah L_Square

Sarah Leichtenberg

Project Manager
HS 2023 - Sara G_Square

Sara Gacic

Project Coordinator
HS 2023 - Marcus C_Square

Marcus Castrejon

Project Coordinator
Diana Headshot

Diana Vera

Business Process Specialist
HS 2023 - Lydia W (1)

Lydia Williams

Project Coordinator
HS 2023 - Meghan M (1)

Meghan McLaughlin

Project Coordinator/ Vendor Manager


HS 2023 - Anthony L_Square

Anthony Lin

Vice President of Product
HS 2023 - Kewin Polok (SQ)

Kewin Polok

Lead Software Engineer
HS 2023 - Prachi P_Square

Prachi Parihar

Lead 3D Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer
HS 2023 - Steve A_Square

Steve Aksamit

Senior Full Stack Engineer
HS 2023 - Maciej P_Square

Maciej Piech

Full Stack Engineer
Headshot coming soon

Tomasz Musialek

Full Stack Engineer
Eunice Headshot

Eunice He

UX/UI Designer


HS 2023 - Tim K_Square

Tim Kozlowski

Director of Digital Media
HS 2023 - Pat A_Square

Patrick Ash

Photographer & Photo Editor
HS 2023 - Joe G_Square

Joe Garstki

Photo & Video Editor
HS 2023 - Emily L-min

Emily Lauth

Photographer & Photo Editor
HS 2023 - Magda B_Square

Magdalena Betanzos

Senior Production Coordinator
HS 2023-Marina Tsvirko (SQ)

Marina Tsvirko

Photographer Community Support & Design Engineer
HS 2023 - Maksim Zubaryk (SQ)

Maksim Zubaryk

Design Engineer
HS 2023-001-David (SQ)

Dawid Stefanowicz

Design Engineer
Jakub Okrzesik Headshot

Jakub Okrzesik

Design Engineer
Konrad Skrobisz  Headshot

Konrad Skrobisz

Photo/Video Editor and Design Engineer
Justyna Skiba Headshot

Justyna Skiba

Photo/Video Editor & Design Engineer
HS 2023 - Paula Sikora (SQ)-min

Paula Sikora

Design Engineer

3D Team

HS 2023 - Anastasiia A_Square

Anastasiia Alieksieieva

Senior 3D Technical Manager
Maksim Khromchanka Headshot

Maksim Khromchanka

Lead Senior 3D Artist
Uladzislau Matusevich Headshot

Uladzislau Matusevich

Technology Manager
Anton Nasselevets Headshot

Anton Naselevets

Senior 3D Artist
Polina Bielokopytova Headshot

Polina Bielokopytova

Senior 3D Artist
Tetiana Husak Headshot

Tetiana Husak

3D Artist
Evgeniy Flerko Headshot

Evgeniy Flerko

3D Artist
Afroz Sodatqadamov Headshot

Afroz Sodatqadamov

3D Artist
HS 2023 - Artem Yukhymets (SQ)-min

Artem Yukhymets

3D Artist
Dawid Madej Headshot

Dawid Madej

3D Artist
HS 2023 - Dmytro Kozubenko (SQ)-min

Dmytro Kozubenko

3D Artist
Grzegorz Mielczarski

Grzegorz Mielczarski

3D Artist
HS 2023 - Marek Mielczarski (SQ)-min

Marek Mielczarski

3D Artist
Vitali Tsarykevich Headshot

Vitali Tsarykevich

3D Artist
Maryna Synytska Headshot

Maryna Synytska

3D Artist
Marta Lapan Headshot

Marta Lapan

3D Artist
George Lialkou Headshot

George Lialkou

3D Artist
Oleg Zabelin Headshot

Oleg Zabelin

3D Artist
Klaudia Drabikowska headshot

Klaudia Drabikowska

3D Artist
Anastasia Tsykunova Headshot

Anastasia Tsykunova

Junior 3D Artist
Edited - 12th anniversary
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Group photo of LCP Media team
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