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TourBuilder is a feature-rich visual media platform that makes it easy for real estate marketing professionals to create, store, organize, and track the performance of their digital content.


The Complete
Virtual Tour Experience

TourBuilder Pro is a professionally-captured virtual tour focusing on visual elements that tell your community’s unique story.

  • Utilize a team of expert photographers across the nation
  • Create an immersive virtual tour of your entire community
  • Generate the best possible experience for prospects

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Produce Virtual Tours Fast

TourBuilder Go revolutionizes the way you create virtual tours. This accessible, mobile-based option empowers on-site teams to capture high-quality unit-level tours on-site within minutes.

  • Reduce vacancies with a quick, budget-friendly solution
  • Capture a single space in less than 10 minutes
  • Enjoy a hassle-free capture process with no learning curve

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“Working with LCP Media has been an absolute dream. The vision of the company as a whole has taken our tours to the next level. TourBuilder has allowed our teams to not only lease in a safe environment but also focus on creating the best resident experience. We are lucky to have a marketing partner that is always forward-thinking!”

Randi Cameron, Investment Marketing Manager, Greystar


Powerful Analytics and Reporting

A complete performance dashboard with comprehensive analytics and helpful tools for your TourBuilder tours.

  • Measure visits, views, and clicks with the analytics tabs
  • Drill down into visits by a specific date, device, and location

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Guided Virtual Tours

Give your leasing team and prospects the ability to share virtual tours live with TourBuilder Connect.

  • Connect via SMS, email, or direct link
  • Allow anyone to share your virtual tours easily
  • Capture contact information for more robust campaigns
  • Host meetings with prospects anywhere in the world
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Short-Form Videos

TourBuilder Clips leverages your TourBuilder Pro & Go virtual tours and utilizes innovative AI technology to automatically generate MP4 videos and GIFs. 

  • Available in horizontal and vertical orientation
  • MP4 videos are accompanied by a trendy soundtrack and range from 30-45 seconds
  • Download from TourBuilder Insights
  • No additional work is needed on your end
  • Elevate social media with MP4 videos and email with GIFs

Enhance your virtual tour experience with these captivating short-form videos and GIFs. Seamlessly share on preferred social media platforms and online channels. 

How to Download TourBuilder Clips


Included With Every TourBuilder Virtual Tour


Track the performance of your virtual tours, including visits, views, clicks, and conversions.


Share the virtual tour experience by taking prospects, friends or family on a live guided tour with audio and screen-sharing from anywhere.


Distribution to your preferred marketing channels is made easy. It's efficient and a big time-saver.


Increase demand for your community by inspiring people to apply straight from the virtual tour.


It’s easy for anyone to share and embed TourBuilder tours so that more people can experience your space.


Customize your tours with a collection of visual assets that highlight your community's selling points.

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