Unit-Level Virtual Tours

A mobile-based solution to capture apartment virtual tours, photos, and videos.

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Shoot + Create

Connect the TourBuilder mobile app to the 360 Ricoh camera and capture a 360 tour in minutes.

Or, let one of our seasoned photographers take over. We’ll send a photographer to capture your units for a minimal fee.

TourBuilder Go iphone screen and a Ricoh Theta 360 Camera

TourBuilder Go screens


Share + View

Easily share your TourBuilder Go tours for immediate viewing.
Embed on your community website, share across channels, and start hosting live virtual tours with TourBuilder Connect.

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Lease + Deliver

See results fast and close more leases.

TourBuilder Go is a quick, easy solution to increase your lead-to-lease conversion rate through unique virtual home tour experiences. More leads, more leases, less time.

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Short-Form Videos

TourBuilder Clips leverages the 360 units shot with TourBuilder Go and utilizes the power of AI to automatically generate MP4 videos and GIFs. 

Enhance your virtual tour experience with these captivating short-form videos and GIFs. No additional work is needed on your end.

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Make your social media channels come alive with the MP4 short-form videos and elevate your emails with GIFs.

The MP4 videos are accompanied by a trendy soundtrack and range from 30-45 seconds, making them ideal for seamless sharing on preferred social media platforms and online channels. 

Both formats are easily downloadable from TourBuilder Insights in a horizontal and vertical orientation. 

How to Download TourBuilder Clips

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TourBuilder Clips MP4 Video

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"Our partnership with LCP Media has been beneficial in so many ways including an increase in the number of qualified leads, creating a positive impact on sight unseen leases, as well as changing the status quo in apartment search."

Jennifer Staciokas
President at Western Wealth Communities and VP, People and Technology at Western Wealth Capital

What's In The Kit?

The TourBuilder Go kit is complete with everything you need to easily capture a virtual tour. Included in the kit:

  • Ricoh Theta Z1
  • Manfrotto Tripod
  • Battery Pack
  • Phone Mount
  • Nanuk Hard Case
  • Door Stopper
TourBuilder Go Kit

Shoot. Upload. Lease.

Chat with a visual media expert to learn more
about TourBuilder Go for your communities.

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