Showing Off Amenities in the COVID-19 Era

by Kyna Garrett, on Apr 20, 2020 8:45:00 AM

For a while now, a major selling point for apartment communities has been their amenities. 

Have an outdoor pool? Check. An upgraded fitness center with the latest equipment? Check. A lounge with a Scrabble wall? Of course. Check.

But in the era of COVID-19, amenities have had to take a back seat. Majority of communities have closed lounges and gyms, roped off their pools, and are telling residents to stay safe inside their own apartment homes.

With amenities closed and properties shuttering their doors to future resident traffic, where do you go from here? How do you show off some of your most valuable assets in your community? Here’s where you can start.

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Leasing

Marketing Your Amenities During COVID-19

All is not lost when it comes to marketing your property and highlighting some of your biggest selling points. Here are some quick wins to spotlight your amenities as more renters complete their home search online:

  1. Focus on your most popular amenities — Ask yourself what really draws people to your community. Is it the indoor/outdoor pool? Or your yoga studio? Maybe it’s your pet-friendly perks like the dog park and wash station. Renter habits are changing, and we know that fitness and lifestyle perks are key selling points in any apartment complex. Have some fun by highlighting your amenities, too. Launch a few digital campaigns that really draws out your property’s personality. Tip: Have a Panoskin virtual tour? Did you know you can gather insightful data on renter interest with engagement metrics? This kind of helpful information can guide your amenity campaigns in the right direction.
  2. Create targeted campaigns — Speaking of launching a few campaigns around your amenities, make sure they’re targeted. Not all amenities were created equal, and the same goes for your renters. They’re all different and enjoy different things. Based on the data you have and general knowledge, you may target someone with information about your pet-friendly amenities versus your social areas. To build upon your audience, make sure your web forms are asking the right questions.
  3. Upgrade your photos of your amenities — With more people searching online, you’ll want to make sure you are as transparent as possible with your digital marketing efforts. If you don’t have the most recent photos of your amenities, consider upgrading. Letting renters know that they’re looking at the most recent photos taken in the last month goes a long way and helps boost trust in your community. Tip: Worried about having someone on-site to take photos? Now may actually be the perfect time to do it. With less foot traffic, you don’t have to worry about residents in photos or the safety and health of others. A photographer’s role is completely autonomous and requires no physical contact.
  4. Give your amenity page a refresher — Now that less renters are leaving their homes and taking in-person property tours, it’s pertinent to optimize your amenity page. Make sure it’s easily accessible from the homepage, is clear and informative, and also engages the user with high-quality content.
  5. Create meaningful digital interactions — Now is the time to invest in digital interactions on your website if you haven’t already. Consider a virtual tour or 360 video that allows the user to engage and interact with your amenities.

Adapting to Life Ahead

The coronavirus has changed the way we do business forever. And changed the way renters find their new home. Amenities are a major part of any apartment community and without the right digital tools to market your property, it’s going to become increasingly difficult to appeal to renters.

At LCP360, we know the importance of offering meaningful digital experiences that leave leasing impacts on renters. It’s not enough to simply offer a virtual tour. It’s about offering an experience that helps establish a relationship with the renter and makes them feel comfortable in their final decision.

Interested in upgrading your digital content? We can help. Talk with our team today to learn more about our digital solutions.



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