LCP360 & Panoskin Featured in Forbes

by Kyna Garrett, on Feb 28, 2018 6:58:00 AM

This month, LCP360 & Panoskin were featured in Forbes, showcasing the start of the company and how our virtual tour software is modernizing virtual tours on Google.

The recent article in Forbes shows just how far LCP360 and Panoskin have come in the last couple years. While we have been utilizing the power of Panoskin in-house, we launched Panoskin to the Google Trusted Photographer community in April 2017.

After launching Panoskin, the platform has grown to have nearly 5,000 photographers across the globe. In the last year, Panoskin has helped these photographers publish more than half a million virtual tours to Google. We have also released Panoskin PRO, an upgrade to the platform offering professional tools to content creators using Panoskin.

Read more about us in Forbes, LCP360: How the Panoskin Platform is Modernizing Virtual Tours on Google



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