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Updating Self-Storage Marketing Materials? 5 Things to Consider

Updating Self-Storage Marketing Materials? 5 Things to Consider

Self-storage marketing has changed throughout the years, from once prioritizing billboards and paper advertisements to what has now become a digital-first initiative. If you’re looking for new ways on how to market a storage facility and up your marketing materials, we’ll help you make the most of your efforts.

Storage marketing hasn’t had to adapt without reason. According to neighbor.com, in 2018, self storage facility construction spend in the United States reached $4.99 billion—a 27% increase from 2017.

As you can see, the need for storage units is in high-demand, increasing the number of facilities and ultimately creating more competition within the industry.

In order to maintain visibility as well as stay relevant to consumer needs, below we’ll walk through five things to consider for updating your self-storage marketing materials.

1. Website optimization

When consumers search for a storage facility, they’re looking for something clean cut and straight to the point—your website should reflect that.

And since current consumers are visually motivated and expect a quick and seamless service,, optimizing your facility website to be easy to navigate and informative will be a great first step to improving your overall marketing efforts.

Priority number one: page layout and accessibility.

The phrase “less is more” should be top of mind when considering the amount of pages and content on your site as well as design elements.

Crystal Lake Storage Exterior Image

Consumers want quick results, so focus on making your self-storage website straightforward with an optimal page load time and content that answers your audience’s questions fast.

This leads to our next tip, that being ensuring website accessibility.

An accessible website can include everything from correct alt tags, optimization for all devices, disability friendly features, etc.—by doing this you’re ensuring your site can be used by the largest market possible (and not to mention boosting SEO).

Keep reading for informative digital content for your self-storage marketing.

2. Digital content

Believe it or not, there are a ton of digital tools on the market currently that can take marketing strategies to the next level.

Below are a few that are guaranteed to boost visibility and convert leads.

Virtual tours

Having a virtual tour of specific storage units may seem a bit over the top—we’re here to tell you that that’s a false assumption.

Considering many consumers are too busy to take the time to visit multiple storage facilities mixed with the fact that the current pandemic creates new obstacles, having a virtual tour may be the only way people can see your units.

Luckily, if it’s within your budget, it will certainly pay off.

Self Storage Virtual Tour

Virtual tour services like Panoskin provide customized features in addition to 360 degree views such as unit dimensions, virtual staging, still images, site maps, videos, and much much more.

Basically, all of your self-storage digital content can reside in one easily accessible location within your website for seamless navigation and lead generation.

Drone services

Continuing to rise in popularity, drone photography and videography is the perfect addition to your self-storage marketing materials.

The main benefit of these services is their ability to capture unique perspectives that other types of content just can’t achieve.

Leveraging drone marketing for storage facilities can not only provide an aerial view of your property, but it can also help prospects navigate the premises and decide on a unit fit for their needs location-wise.

Site maps and interactive stacking plans

Interactive stacking plans or site maps are essentially a birds-eye-view of a campus map that includes unit numbers as well as their availability in real-time.

Metro Storage Multiple Locker Still Image

This tool is the perfect addition to virtual marketing efforts because it allows consumers to pick and choose lockers directly from your website, which, in turn, creates a sense of urgency.

Site maps can also be integrated with Panoskin virtual tours for the ultimate search experience.

3. Pamphlets

The thing about self-storage facilities is that they rely a lot on convenience and exposure in regards to how they’re marketed.

With that being said, updating marketing so that the greatest number of people see your business and are aware it exists may be the fundamental key to success.

Although digital marketing is entirely necessary (and effective) if you want to ensure visibility, you’ll have to add some sort of outreach marketing to your strategy.

In fact, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, OOH, or “out-of-home advertising,” drives more than 3X more digital and social activations (per ad dollar spent) than any other media. Additionally, OOH campaigns boost online engagement more than other traditional media.

Which brings us to pamphlets.

Pamphlets for self-storage that reference business resources such as websites and social media can guarantee positive results. You can partner with businesses to display pamphlets, display inside offices, in lobbies and more local areas to boost exposure at a local level. What’s nice is that pamphlets can also be turned into digital tools to send via email or have available on your website.

Ultimately, pamphlets are tangible—consumers may not need your services at this time, but the ability to hold onto a reference for future need is an excellent way to stay top of mind.

4. Billboards

Chances are, if you’re inquiring about a storage facility, you’re probably searching for one nearby.

Billboards are excellent self-storage marketing materials because they are local and produce the perfect amount of information to spark interest in consumers (in addition to being another great OOH marketing tool).

Known for being relatively budget-friendly, constantly available, and providing local exposure, there’s a good chance adding billboard marketing to your strategy will increase the amount of new business, specifically from local prospects.

5. Testimonials

Self-storage is an industry that largely relies on word of mouth as an effective lead generation strategy.

Because of this, positive reviews, referrals, and testimonials are all excellent ways to stand out among competition and create new business.

The best way to do this is by keeping track of what consumers are saying about your business, whether it be reviews on your Google My Business listing, direct marketing that asks how new prospects discovered your facility, or even just by asking happy customers.

By collecting positive reviews of your business and leveraging consumer testimonials on your website or social media, you can establish a positive reputation, which goes a long way in the self-storage industry.

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Get creative with your self-storage marketing strategy

COVID-19 combined with the current increase in self-storage facilities may make it difficult to establish new business—the key is to stand out.

Whether you add informative digital content, optimize your website, increasing out of home marketing, etc., you’re more likely to catch the eye of potential prospects and ultimately maintain a consistent flow of new and loyal customers.

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