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4 Must-Follow Virtual Tour Embedding Tips for Multifamily Marketers

4 Must-Follow Virtual Tour Embedding Tips for Multifamily Marketers

Effective marketing strategies are essential for multifamily marketers to stay ahead. One powerful tool is virtual tours, including tours created with TourBuilder. Virtual tours give potential residents a realistic view of your properties. Which in turn helps create more qualified leads. However, embedding these virtual tours on your website helps ensure the most significant engagement. We will explore the best practices for embedding a TourBuilder Pro property virtual tour for multifamily marketers.

1. Clear Call-to-Action

First, ensure your website visitors know exactly what to do when they encounter your virtual tour. Keep your call-to-action (CTA) simple and action-oriented. Use phrases like "View Virtual Tour" to guide users to explore the property virtually. A clear CTA increases the chances of visitors engaging with your virtual tour.

Click to View Virtual Tour-1

2. Above the Fold Placement

“Above the fold” refers to the part of your webpage that is visible without scrolling. This is prime real estate for your virtual tour. Placing it here ensures visitors see it immediately when they land on your website. The content above the fold captures initial attention. It’s a strategic spot to encourage engagement with your TourBuilder Pro virtual tour.

3. Embed on the Gallery Page

Another effective strategy is to embed your TourBuilder Pro virtual tour on your gallery page. Create a prominent CTA on your homepage that leads to this gallery. This approach entices visitors with the promise of more content. And also enhances user engagement and time spent on your website.


4. Mobile Optimization

With 60% of search queries coming from mobile devices, it’s vital to ensure your TourBuilder Pro virtual tour appears and functions on smartphones. To achieve this, adhere to industry best practices:

  • Use a responsive container for your tour. This ensures the tour adapts to various screen sizes, providing an optimal experience on all devices.
  • Embed the tour instead of using an iframe. Embedding lets you track your TourBuilder Pro progress using Google Analytics and TourBuilder Insights. This valuable data helps you understand how users interact with your virtual tour.
  • Put in place percentage-based values for sizing, such as 100%, instead of fixed pixel sizes. This flexible approach ensures that the virtual tour occupies the appropriate screen, regardless of the device used.

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Embedding TourBuilder Pro property virtual tours is a critical step in multifamily marketing. By following these best practices, you can capture the attention of potential residents. While also providing them with a compelling and immersive experience. With a clear call-to-action, strategic above-the-fold placement, and mobile optimization, your virtual tours can become powerful tools for showcasing your properties and driving engagement on your website. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace the future of multifamily marketing with TourBuilder Pro.


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