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The Power of Short-Form Video: Impact on Multifamily Marketing and Customer Engagement

The Power of Short-Form Video: Impact on Multifamily Marketing and Customer Engagement

Short-form videos have taken the internet by storm. Why? We live in a world where attention spans get shorter by the day. So this is no surprise. These bite-sized video clips, usually under 60 seconds, dominate social media. Popping up everywhere, we see how they influence businesses’ interactions with their audience. Let’s explore the world of short-form videos, particularly in the multifamily category. We will talk about their impact on customer engagement and how it’s changing how we market products and services. 

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What is a Short-Form Video?

Short-form videos are exactly what they sound like. Video content that’s designed to be consumed quickly. Which caters to the fast-paced nature of social media. It’s a format that has become popular thanks to smartphones and our desire for easily digestible content. 

Why is Short-Form Video So Popular?

The rise of short-form video is attributed to several key factors:


  • We all carry mini supercomputers, enabling us to watch videos on the go easily.

Ease of Creation and Sharing

  • Short-form videos are quick to create and share. This allows for spontaneous and authentic content.

Super Shareable

  • They can be quickly and easily shared with your network, promoting engagement.

Viewed on the Go

  • These videos are designed to be bite-sized, perfect for today’s on-the-move lifestyle.

Algorithm-Driven Discoverability

  • Social media platforms use algorithms to push trending and popular short-form videos to users.

Minimal Production Cost

  • Creating short-form videos is cost-effective and often requires minimal resources.


Impact on Multifamily Marketing

Short-form videos have changed the game for businesses, especially in the real estate and multifamily industries. They play a crucial role in the customer purchasing journey:

Renter Trends: Two out of every three apartment applicants are Millennials or Gen Z. These two demographic groups are the most significant social media users, spending more time per day than other generations. This makes short-form videos ideal for reaching these two vital demographic segments.

Awareness: These videos introduce potential customers to a brand, its features, offerings, and values. Social media platforms are pivotal in making these videos popular and helping them reach a broad audience.

Engagement Before Visiting a Property: Short-form videos capture viewers’ attention quickly, leading to higher engagement rates. Engaged viewers are more likely to take the next step, such as arranging property visits or exploring property websites.

Education: These videos can effectively educate consumers about a property using the content, making prospects more qualified. Higher engagement rates make it more likely for viewers to click on associated links for more information.

Conversion: Short-form videos are an essential follow-up tool post-property visit, which leads to higher conversions. Including them in follow-up communications, they help visually reinforce the apartments, amenities, and other property features they visited onsite.

Customer Retention: Even after moving in, short-form videos can engage renters and increase the chances they continue renting. They’re an ideal medium for building a sense of community and showcasing a property’s vibrant culture.

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The Changing Landscape

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 96% of consumers prefer short-form videos to learn about a product or service.
  • 91% of Instagram users watch videos every week.
  • YouTube Shorts boasts over 50 billion daily views globally, surpassing long-format videos.
  • Instagram Reels see an astonishing 140 billion daily views globally, with an average engagement rate at least double that of other post types.
Short Attention Spans: A Blessing in Disguise

While attention spans seem to be shrinking, there’s a silver lining for marketers:

  • 56% of Gen Z participants could remember an ad they watched for less than 2 seconds, with a recall rate twice that of participants over 40.
  • 43% of Gen Z are more likely to remember the last website they visited than their partner’s birthday or social security number.

These trends emphasize the importance of keeping content short, sweet, and to the point, catering to audiences with diverse distractions.

Elevating Virtual Tours with TourBuilder Clips

LCP Media’s TourBuilder Clips enhances the renter’s virtual tour experience by automatically generating captivating short-form videos and GIFs using cutting-edge AI technology.

Why TourBuilder Clips Matters

Engagement: Incorporating videos and GIFs within virtual tours captures viewers’ attention quickly and keeps them engaged, leading to a deeper exploration of the property.

Lasting Impression: These dynamic visuals create lasting impressions, forging an emotional connection with the property.

Easy Sharing: Shareable by nature, these videos promote organic reach and word-of-mouth marketing.

Conversion Rates: Clear calls-to-action in TourBuilder Clips can significantly boost conversion rates, whether scheduling a property visit or exploring more details on your website.

Efficiency: Incorporate TourBuilder Clips into follow-up emails, making your property stand out and increasing the chances of a renter choosing your property.

By embracing TourBuilder Clips in your short-form video marketing strategy, you elevate your apartment virtual tours, engage potential renters, and create memorable, shareable content. This innovative technology ensures that your marketing strategy remains relevant, capturing the essence of your properties in a way that traditional tours simply can’t match.

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The Future of Multifamily Marketing

The data is precise. Short-form videos are here to stay. Not only are they changing the way businesses market their products and services, but also how consumers engage with content.

As younger generations remain the dominant renter demographic, companies in the multifamily and real estate categories must adapt. Effective marketing strategies continue to evolve. The unique power of short-form videos helps captivate, educate, and convert potential renters. The future of marketing is concise, engaging, and always just a tap away.


LCP Media (Lights Camera Pixels) is a national visual media technology company based in Chicago. We provide a full menu of services, including virtual tours, professional and drone photography, 3D renderings, video animations, virtual staging, and floor plans. LCP Media is an innovative leader in creating unforgettable virtual real estate experiences by combining unrivaled technology solutions with our unparalleled customer service.

Simply put, we deliver an unreal experience from start to finish. So real, it’s Unreal! For more information, please visit LCPMedia.com.

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