6 Clever Outreach Marketing Ideas for Apartments

by Kyna Garrett, on Jan 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Whether it’s increasing new leases or improving your renewals rates, coming up with unique and creative outreach multifamily marketing ideas for your apartment community can be taxing.

Below are the top 6 outreach marketing ideas for apartments that are sure to improve retention and even get new potential tenants through your door.

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1. Forget Discounts. Offer Upgrades Instead.

Let’s be frank. Renters aren’t really looking for discounts anymore. While offering the first month free to new lessees can help move along a prospect, it’s really all about the upgrades if you want to generate multifamily leads.

Majority of today’s renters are millennials. In fact, only one-third of 25-30 year olds own a home. The other two-thirds are still renters. That means most of today’s renters are hyper-engaged and seeking the latest and greatest innovations.

So, don’t just offer discounts. That may peak some interest, but it doesn’t set you apart as an innovative community.

Upgrades might include a “smart” apartment with high-tech gadgets for the standard rental rate. Or offer a design upgrade: new cabinets, new lights, new wallpaper, updated shower heads or faucets. You name it.

Perhaps you can offer a window for people to sign leases, and in that window, new lessees will receive a design upgrade of their choice.

Today’s renters want to live in high-tech luxurious apartments. Consider testing this alternative to discounts to see what leads you might get.

2. Send Virtual Tours in Outreach or Follow-up Emails

After you’ve completed an on-site tour or perhaps answered questions over the phone to an interested renter, consider sending follow-up emails to make sure they have all their questions answered.

You can take your outreach or follow-up emails a bit further by sending along your apartment virtual tour linked in the email in case prospects would like to explore your community again virtually.

This not only shows that you’re available to answer any questions they may have, but that your community is tech-focused and on trend with the latest tech.

3. Be Clever with Your Audience Targeting

Consider who your audience is, and make sure you’re where they’re at and targeting them with right messages.

If you’re targeting 18-24 year olds for example, a clear winner is social media. Young renters love comedy and memes. Target them fun, quirky messaging. This gives your community some personality and lets renters relate with you.

Or if you’re targeting families, make sure your messaging aligns with kids and parents.

Regardless of who you’re targeting, the key is to critically think about where your audience is most present and what resonates with them.

4. Host Monthly Events

Far too often, apartments will host resident events but neglect to keep a consistent schedule. Residents love events at their communities and having a consistent event schedule gives your residents something to look forward to.

Whether it’s a wreath making party during the holidays, cookie decorating, painting classes, or even fitness classes, hosting regular resident events gives your social media some frequent content and shows that you’re active with your community to ensure that renters love their home.

5. Film Resident Testimonials for Your Site or Social Media

Consider filming a short video featuring resident testimonials about their time living at your community. With their permission, you can show what life is like in and around the community, featuring those residents.

With the right connects and technology, you can even shoot a short testimonial video with minimal costs.

6. Send Holiday Cards or Packages to Renters

Sending personalized cards or gift packs to residents is always a nice treat, and sets you apart from the competition. It builds the relationship and shows that you, as the property manager, truly care about their life at that multifamily community.

Have an outreach marketing idea for apartments we didn’t include? Leave us a note in the comments!

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