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New Product Feature: Virtual Meeting Reporting

New Product Feature: Virtual Meeting Reporting

We're excited to introduce some new features to our virtual tour meeting functionality in the Panoskin platform!

Virtual meetings allow you to host guided virtual tours with long-distance or out-of-state leads. Until now, our virtual meetings did only that: allowed you to host mirrored meetings where you could walk through your property alongside prospects, allowing you to address their needs and answer any questions during the virtual tour.

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Here's what's new:

  • Meeting reporting/activity log
  • Attendee records
  • Branded invitation emails
  • Virtual tour redirect following all meetings

This may seem like a lot, so we'll break it down for you:

Meeting Reporting / Activity Log

The new Meeting Reporting in Panoskin is a quick and easy way to track activity of all your meetings. You'll be able to view:

  • Email of the attendee
  • The presenter
  • And on which date the meeting was held

In addition, you can view a complete log of all meetings held, how many attendees you've hosted meetings with and the average amount of meetings held per day.

Meeting Reporting

To access these stats in the backend of your Panoskin dashboard, navigate to Reporting > Meetings. Reporting will also display many other useful insights, including tour visits, scene views, menu clicks and conversion rates.

Attendee Records

The beauty of Meeting Reporting within Panoskin is that you can track all of your attendees and their emails. This allows you to conduct a more thorough follow-up with your prospects following a virtual meeting.

Branded Invitation Emails

A key feature to Meetings beyond reporting includes new branded invite emails, prompting all invitees to join your virtual meeting. Prior, these emails were branded specifically to Panoskin, but now include your property's name, catering the experience more closely to the business and prospect.

Virtual Tour Redirect

Lastly, following all meetings, attendees will be immediately directed to your virtual tour. This allows your prospects to continue browsing your property after they've just completed a virtual tour meeting with one of your on-site team members.

Discover More About Our Panoskin Virtual Tours

Have a Panoskin virtual tour and want to learn more about what you can do with the dashboard? Contact us today to get in touch with your customer success manager or browse our customer resources.

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