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5 Tips for Your Google My Business as the Country Reopens

5 Tips for Your Google My Business as the Country Reopens

As many states across the U.S. prepare to reopen to the public during COVID-19, business operations can begin navigating this new normal.

In doing so, companies should prepare their digital assets, including their Google listings.

Back in April, Google announced that business listings could potentially experience limitations or delays as a direct result of the pandemic. With the country beginning to slowly reopen, listings will need to adjust to the most current guidelines and regulations.

To keep the public safe and informed, as well as sustain an optimized listing, below are 5 tips for your company’s Google My Business as the country starts to reopen.

1. Be clear about safety guidelines to enter your business

Depending on which region you’re in, safety guidelines as well as the extent of what areas are open may differ.

This may make it difficult for prospects to understand protocol for various industries—for example, entering an apartment community could be vastly different than visiting a restaurant or a hospital.

To ensure everyone remains safe and abides by your regulations, make sure you’ve added directions for visiting/contacting your business at the forefront of your Google Business listing.

The best course of action for adding safety guidelines would be to incorporate a brief, but precise description of how or if prospects are able to enter your property.

Adding information such as mandatory masks and social distancing indoors for industries like hotels, grocery stores, and retail can set the standard for safety before anyone even leaves the house.

2. Make sure hours are updated accordingly

Since the start of COVID-19, businesses that transitioned to working from home or reduced the number of employees on-site may have had to adjust hours to reflect the amount and ability to work under new circumstances.

Since mid-May, Google announced that business listings will now have the option to add additional hours for specialty cases. This allows businesses to give a detailed description on current hours and operations.

Hand Holding Phone - Google Businss Listing

For instance, healthcare facilities or retail stores that have hours that cater to seniors (i.e. Early admission for the elderly) should list these special hours on their listings.

These updates will appear on business profiles as well as Google Maps and search results, so it’s recommended to update this kind of information as soon as possible.

3. Update content to resemble the current state of your business

Whether it’s photos, videos, blog posts, or questions and answers, make sure your Google listing is fresh and up to date. This is an excellent way to inform your audience about the current state of your business as the country reopens.

country club google tour

Below are a few Google My Business tips for keeping up with content.

  • Post images of any updated spaces
  • Update Google Street View
  • Update photos of the exterior if there were changes to parking, entrances, etc.
  • Consider leveraging video content for an inside look at your business
  • Focus blog content on how your business is operating in response to COVID-19
  • Utilize Google Business listings COVID-19 update posts
  • Integrate a Google virtual tour

Not only will this keep the public informed, it will also register as valuable content to Google.

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4. Regularly check Google Insights

Many businesses experienced a dip in website traffic at the start of the coronavirus, so it’s not a shock that many Google listings were hit hard, too. As more people settle into a “new normal” and begin stepping out of their homes again, it’s important to re-analyze your Google Insights to keep an eye on activity.

Depending on which kind of business you operate, your Google My Business insights may have looked a little erratic. This may have made it difficult for some to commit to a marketing strategy.

Analyzing the way prospects interact with your listing now that the country is starting to reopen can give you a good idea of what was receptive or helpful in inquiring about your business.

And since 84% of consumers turn to search engines to find out information for a local purchase, tracking engagement from the past few months and using that information to solidify future marketing strategies will increase the likelihood of success.

5. In real estate? Link to virtual leasing collateral

Since many real estate businesses transitioned to online operations amidst COVID-19, making resources accessible through your Google My Business listing will be extremely beneficial.

For instance, having a link to your websites virtual tour or real-time availability tools can not only streamline inquiries, but it could also aid in boosting your ranking in Google search results.

The Hepburn GMB Listing - Virtual Tour Link

And although businesses are reopening, that doesn’t mean everyone will feel safe or obligated to leave the house for non-essentials.

By leveraging a virtual tour, such as a Panoskin tour, by linking out through your business listing, you can streamline the sales process through CTAs, easy sharing, and remote guided tours as soon as your listing appears in search results.

Need help optimizing your business listing?

LCP360 provides advanced Google My Business listing services to keep your property top of mind and ensure prospects are fully informed.

Use these Google My Business tips as you transition strategies through this current phase of COVID-19.

Talk with our team to get started today.


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