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What You're Missing in Your Apartment Digital Marketing

What You're Missing in Your Apartment Digital Marketing

Is something missing in your apartment digital marketing? Potentially, with so many ideas out there, you can always find new ways to boost your marketing efforts whether you manage one property or have a portfolio of properties.

The question then becomes, what is it that you could do to create meaningful experiences, add value and increase leads that others are not yet doing?

When searching online you will see ideas such as arranging open houses, hosting events, writing blogs and posting on Facebook and Instagram. Those marketing ideas are already overdone by everyone.

If you are looking to be unique and stand out from your competing communities, look no further and consider giving the below apartment digital marketing ideas a go. This is your ultimate guide to make your apartment community stand out.

1. Market your apartment digitally with stacking plans

If you are not familiar with what a stacking plan is, it’s a real-time availability tool that engages your prospect with your community. Prospects are able to look at the units you have available and lease directly from there.

So many people are now taking their leasing experience online, and this is a great feature to elevate the apartment digital experience for them.

The stacking plan integrates directly to your property management software API which allows for a true real-time availability of your assets. It is also all web-based which creates a uniform experience no matter what device you are on.

That is a huge plus in today’s leasing world as over 60% of people turn to their phones to start their apartment search.

Atwater Stacking

The stacking plan also displays floor plans and even elevation views which could be a great way to enhance your floor plan page.

With such advanced technology, you are sure to see more engagement on your website and more qualified leads calling in.

If you happen to have a community still under development, then this is an apartment digital marketing strategy you definitely want to consider when looking for ways to meet your lease-up goals.

2. Snapchat Stories

Like mentioned earlier, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are social platforms that the majority of communities are already utilizing.

Snapchat, on the other hand, is not something that many think of when adding to their apartment digital marketing strategy.

With 218 million active users on Snapchat in Q4 of 2019, the platform is a great resource to reach prospects in clever ways.

Get your on-site team members involved with content that highlights what’s going on around your community. You can create stories of your new residents as they are moving into your community and snap events as they are happening to make people feel invited.


The 24-hour window that Snapchat offers is also a great opportunity for you to highlight timely promos that prospects can take advantage of. Posting an expiration of the promo will help you create a sense of urgency to sign a lease now.

Since others can also post on your story based on their location, encouraging your current residents to post for your community becomes free advertising for you. As part of your apartment digital marketing, you can even allow your residents to “take over” your Snapchat for a day to give others a “behind the scenes” look at your community from the resident’s perspective.


3. YouTube channel with fun DIY tips for renters

Most people don’t like to be sold to, but helpful content can go a long way. Posting fun DIY ideas that your renters can do in their apartment is a great way to engage without being pushy.

This is a very on-trend apartment digital marketing strategy, and the videos don’t have to be extensive either. 2 to 3-minute videos in length will do as long as they provide value to the viewer.

YouTube and video culture is very much trending now. People don’t seem to get bored with watching videos and search YouTube when looking for fun projects for their home. If they can find the videos they are looking for on your community’s YouTube page, that is sure to resonate with them.

Having this type of helpful content can become a factor when someone’s lease is about to expire and they are deciding if they should renew with your community.

4. Forget iPhone photos, consider professional property photography

Many people still think that they can get away with iPhone photos. Yes, that is a very inexpensive way of showcasing your community but not effective at all.

Many people will be put off by low-quality photos that are not showing the right angles, and move on to a community that has professional photography.

The most successful communities are including professional photography into their apartment digital marketing strategy.

You want your photography to showcase the value of your community and make it look as attractive as possible. That is where a professional photographer will be most beneficial.

5. User-generated content

Don’t be afraid of user-generated content. You want your prospects to form a personal connection with your community, and UGC is a great way to build trust.

People trust the opinion of others more than what brands say about themselves, so it helps to have someone else say something about your community rather than always posting yourself.

The opinions of others can really influence a potential resident’s decision and can help them become positive if your community is their best option.

As part of your apartment digital marketing, you can encourage people to use a hashtag for your community. You can also ask your residents to repost their social media that way others can experience your community through the lens of current residents.

6. Site maps

When putting your apartment digital marketing plan together, did you consider a site plan? If not then you are not alone. Many multifamily communities are still not utilizing this great tool.

A site plan, sometimes referred to as a campus map, is a landscape visualization of the whole community from a bird’s eye view.

This marketing digital content can show details about your community layout, units and help residents visualize the flow of their new community. They can also be leveraged in stacking plans and virtual tours.

site plan-min

7. Pet-friendly apartment?

Is your apartment community pet-friendly? If yes, then make sure to promote it. “Pet-friendly apartments near me” is a widely growing Google search that can either help your apartment digital marketing or make you miss out on organic searches depending if that is something you are promoting.

Some ways that you can market that asset is by showcasing your pet amenities such as your bark park or your pet spa. You can also advertise at local pet shelters or provide treats at your leasing office for people walking in with pets.


8. Partner with local businesses

Partnering with local businesses is a great way to reach an audience in close proximity to your community. It is also a great way to provide more convenience for your current residents.

According to the 2018 Consumer Housing Insights Survey, convenience is one of the most important aspects for renters. Providing your residents with a list of recommended businesses such as gyms, moving companies, dog walking, and pet sitting companies will make their life easier and make them appreciate you more.

Your apartment digital marketing doesn’t always have to focus on closing a sale, it can provide convenience and useful content as well. That will in return help with organic searches later on.

9. Start a Resident Volunteer Team

Our last apartment digital marketing strategy is a resident volunteer program. This is a great way to do good while also helping out your community and resonating with people who volunteer.

This is a no brainer, volunteering to complete projects such as cleaning up parks or helping out in a soup kitchen is something that everyone can stand behind.

With all of these unique ideas, you are sure to find an audience to engage with and reach more potential leads.


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