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4 Ways a Senior Living Virtual Tour Makes the Transition Easier

4 Ways a Senior Living Virtual Tour Makes the Transition Easier

When it's time for a senior to move into a senior living community, the transition isn't just hard on seniors, but rather the entire family.

There are many barriers that make the senior living transition process difficult, but a senior living virtual tour just might be the key to easing the stresses associated with this move.

Jumping hoops to come on-site

When a prospect is ready to look at the senior living options, they might not have the luxury of getting in their car and stopping by your community.

There are a lot of barriers for a senior that makes the search difficult. Mobility might just be the biggest hoop where the individual is simply unable to leave their house to tour a community for an extended period of time.

Another big challenge comes with knowing exactly what type of senior living community is the right fit.

Other people might also not have the support from family members that they need in order to make the on-site tours. That is where senior living virtual tours come in handy.

A senior living virtual tour can be a great resource to show exactly what the community offers, what amenities are available and if this location is the right match.

1. Virtual tours engage

A senior living virtual tour can engage a prospect so much more than any other content such as photos or brochures on your website. A virtual tour shows every angle of the community which is a great asset during the research phase.

The initial search for the right community may take some time, but it will be well worth it once the prospect finds the one that meets their needs and desires. Your senior living virtual tour will make that process for people much easier and help them learn about the options available to them.

A prospect may be looking for specific needs at your community, and if you can show that in your virtual tour at the early stage of discovery, then you may have just promised yourself a qualified on-site visit.

Many people might not know what they need from a senior living community, and coming across your virtual tour can help them learn about their needs.

As mentioned above, senior living virtual tours are also a big factor for people who experience difficulties with mobility and cannot always come on-site to engage in person. A virtual tour can help them see everything they need while at the comfort of their own home.

The virtual tour can also take it a step further by providing guided virtual tours for your on-site team to help walk prospects through the experience. The prospect can call in and ask the on-site team member to walk them through the property by using the virtual meeting feature available in every Panoskin tour. This feature takes the prospect on a property tour virtually all while they have their questions and concerns answered over the phone by the property team member.

With this tool, you are engaging with the prospect as much as you would be during an in-person visit.

2. Virtual tours save time

Not only does a senior living virtual tour engage, but it’s also a major time saver. Coming in person requires having some type of transportation and dedicating at least one hour of your time and the prospect’s time.

If a family member is able to drive the senior to look at your community, taking the trip for someone who is not in their best health can take a lot longer than for an average person. While this may not be the case for retirement communities or independent living communities, assisted living and memory care can definitely benefit from catering to health needs.

With approximately 47 million seniors in the U.S. living an average of 78 years, the assisted living industry is certainly growing. Based on the Population Reference Bureau, the senior population is projected to double by 2060.

This projection means that your community might start to experience more visits, and a virtual tour online will help funnel down your prospects to the most interested ones.

Consider that not every senior has family members readily available to transport them either. Whether it’s due to busy adult children who can’t take the time out of their schedules or seniors without the support of family at all, a virtual tour available on your website will save time for the family as well as for future residents.

A virtual tour can also save a prospect the time and hassle of visiting a community that is not right for them and point them in the direction of the better option sooner.

There are many options for senior living and not every prospect is familiar with what is available. A senior living virtual tour can specify what your community offers and what assistance is available that way you can capture the most qualified leads.

3. Virtual tours make seniors feel more confident

The transition from living at home to living in a senior community can be a difficult one. With so many options it can be a scary journey.

A senior has to feel confident with a living situation in order to commit to it for an extended period of time. They need to feel like they made the right choice and that they learned everything about their community.

After they understand all of the options out there, a virtual tour can solidify their choice. Being able to take a look at the community that they chose at their own home before they make a move, can ease anxiety and make them feel more confident.

4. Virtual tours offer a sense of transparency

What makes a senior living virtual tour so worth it is that it captures the whole community for anyone to see at any time. You might not have every space available for viewing all times due to construction or unavailable units. A virtual tour is the next great alternative to open doors to all of the available spaces.

A senior living virtual tour is a great substitute for an in-person tour for someone who is facing barriers that make it difficult to come to the site.

People who are reaching an age where everyday tasks start to become difficult don’t have the energy or the will to go around searching for a senior community.

That is why having a senior living virtual tour not only makes your community stand out, but it makes your prospects appreciate the transparency and inclusion the tour provides.

It is a win-win situation for all.

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