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New Ways to Track Your Virtual Tours, Now on Panoskin (in Beta)

New Ways to Track Your Virtual Tours, Now on Panoskin (in Beta)

LCP360 is excited to introduce Reporting Tool 2.0 to the Panoskin Dashboard! The new Reporting Tool involves a new look and new ways to track your virtual tours in Panoskin.

Reporting Tool 2.0 is designed to give marketing and leasing teams a deeper dive into their virtual tour metrics, along with a simpler, cleaner look.

The new Reporting Tool remains in beta and will continue to receive updates including conversion and meeting tracking.

Here's what's new:

  • Select and Compare Date Ranges
  • Heat Map + Visits by City
  • Channel Source
  • Device Source 

Here's a breakdown of what all the new sections do:

Select and Compare Date Ranges

While selecting date ranges is nothing new to Panoskin’s reporting feature, users can now select and compare date ranges to measure performance over specific periods. You can compare visits, scene views, and visit duration.


Heat Map + Visits by City

The new Heat map gives you the ability to track the local source of your virtual tour visits, scene views, and duration within the United States. To view more granular locality metrics, select your date range and a metric (Total Visits, Total Visit Duration, or Total Scene Views) at the top and click on a state.


This will display performance for your specified metric during the date range you’ve selected.


Similar to the heat map, Reporting Tool 2.0 also gives a breakdown of visits, visit duration, and scene views by city. For communities that may have a lot of out-of-town traffic, this can be incredibly helpful for knowing what major cities are attracted to your community and where to spend more time marketing. 

Channel Source

Another new and useful metric is channel source. Leasing and marketing teams can now track the source of visits and views by Website, Direct, or Other (social media, paid advertising).

Use by Device

Marketing and leasing teams can now also track what devices their virtual tour traffic is coming from, including Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet. This gives marketers a clearer picture of how prospects are viewing their digital content online.


Discover More About Panoskin Virtual Tours

Have a Panoskin virtual tour and want to learn more about what you can do with the dashboard? Contact us today to get in touch with your customer service manager. 

LCP360 is a National Digital Marketing company located in Chicago specializing in photography, virtual tours, 3D renderings, video animations, virtual staging, and floor plans. LCP360 offers multifamily, senior living, and many other real estate industries a creative and innovative way to showcase space. By combining the best technologies from web marketing and panoramic photography, LCP360 has developed a best-in-class virtual tour web application that lets renters virtually tour a property from any location.

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