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Luxury Virtual Staging Examples You Will Love

Luxury Virtual Staging Examples You Will Love

From residential properties to commercial real estate, virtual staging is the latest trend turning heads.

Why is virtual staging so beneficial? It all comes down to cost and convenience. Virtual staging offers a much more advantageous alternative to traditional staging.

In general, staging has proven to help homes sell faster and for more money, while staging has also improved sales and marketing efforts for multifamily. Statistics tell us that 83% of prospects find it easier to visualize a property as their own when it is staged.

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Virtual staging has also proven to save marketers and agents money in the long run. For example, traditional staging requires a lot of upfront costs such as consultation fees and renting furniture for only a short period of time.

Virtually staged images, however, have quite a long shelf-life, especially if you're in the multifamily industry. If you work with in luxury multifamily or Class A properties, costs become even more steep for traditional staging services.

With virtual staging, you get to use these images indefinitely while also renting out all of your units (yes, this means even your model units that sit there vacant can be rented out for a monthly fee).

While pricing for some virtually staged images can be a sticker shock at first, it's important to remember the shelf life of this kind of product, the time it saves, and the money it helps make.

It's also key to remember: you get what you pay for. It's easy to mess up virtual staging if you don't hire the right 3D team with the right technology or experience. Digital furniture can easily look clunky or cartoonish, but the key is to find virtual staging services that deliver a photorealistic product. You want elements that contain realistic shadows and details that look like the real thing; after all, you're replacing traditional staging with virtual staging and the goal is to get the same product while increasing ROI.

That's why we're here—to show you that virtual staging can really be the end-all-be-all for your luxury staging needs. The product can look just as real as a staged room that's been photographed.

Below is a list of some of our best luxury virtual staging examples that we believe you'll fall in love with.

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6 Luxury Virtual Staging Examples

Virtually Staged Kitchen

Despite what you may believe, kitchens tend to be the most popular rooms to stage. The are, after all, the heart of a home. Kitchens ultimately are a make or break factor when deciding to buy a home or rent an apartment.

Virtual Staging Kitchen

By adding digital elements and details like virtual plants, stools and countertop accessories, virtual staging brought this otherwise empty and cold room to life. Now that it is staged, the property can show both an empty photo and staged photo to prospects for a stronger impression.

Virtually Staged Living Room / Kitchen

Living rooms are the most popular rooms to stage - after all, that's where people do most of their living! The beauty of luxury virtual staging is that you can add expensive furnishings right into the photo for a much cheaper cost.

Female Living Virtual Staging

Virtually Staged Office Space

Have a secondary bedroom that needs virtual staging? Why not convert it into an office to show prospects that they convert guest bedrooms into office/multi-purpose spaces? In the case of this client, we actually virtually staged the same room as a guest room and a family office area to help prospects visualize the space as duel purpose.

Virtual Staging Office

Here is an example of that same room staged, but as a bedroom.

G5 Page - Virtual Staging Bedroom

Virtually Staged Bedroom

Below are a couple other versions of virtual staging involving bedrooms. Bedrooms are key to staging, as it really helps prospects understand the size of the room and what kind of bedroom furniture will fit. These examples should kind of give you an idea of how detailed virtual staging can get.

Whether you want a perfectly-made bed, or a "messy" lived-in space that has some personality, the possibilities are really endless when it comes to virtual staging.

Virtual Staging Bedroom

Multifamily Bedroom - After

Interested in upgrading your staging to virtual staging? Contact us today to learn more.

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