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8 Tweets That Sum Up Being in Real Estate in 2020

8 Tweets That Sum Up Being in Real Estate in 2020

We don’t need to tell you that 2020 was, well, interesting to say the least—especially in real estate.

With all of its ups and downs, and a constant state of uncertainty, it isn’t easy to verbalize how this year made us feel. To attempt to express what it’s been like throughout this tumultuous year, below are 8 Tweets that sum up being in real estate in 2020.

1. When lockdown officially hit in March

Tweet #1

It’s hard to forget the moment everyone found out stay-at-home orders were being put into effect almost immediately. For all businesses, including real estate, the sudden transition was not taken lightly. Home tours went virtual, apartment leasing shifted to online and Zoom became part of daily routine.

You know what they say, sometimes the path to success is a false sense of positivity—and those that kept a positive mindset (for the most part) knew exactly how to act fast.

2. When you tried coming to terms with 2020 events

Tweet #2

Listen, no one really had a grip on reality this year.

In real estate, slow season and busy season happened both simultaneously and also maybe neither ever even happened. The consensus? March was way too long of a month.

3. When days started to blend together

Tweet #3

Transitioning to online efforts amidst the pandemic has its advantages—but after a few weeks, things start looking a little too similar.

One of the best perks of working in real estate is the ability to be mobile while working. Unfortunately, for the time being, that isn’t always an option. Just have to remember to keep moving and picture how great it will feel when everything is back to normal!

4. When you tried to keep your cool under pressure

Tweet #4

People everywhere had to adjust to this new normal amidst the chaos happening around the world. For those in real estate - practically a 24/7 job - there was a bit more work to power through compared to other jobs.

On the bright side, advanced digital tools and AI technology came to the rescue to work around the clock, alleviating some of that heavy workload.

5. When things finally started to open back up, but safety precautions were strict

Tweet #5


Listen, not everything has an easy fix or a virtual alternative. Sometimes, we have to get creative.

Whether it be rearranging amenity spaces, implementing new safety guidelines, providing proper PPO, etc., real estate professionals might have had to get a little creative to make things work—and most importantly, keep everyone safe.

6. When (some) renters/tenants just could not be satisfied

Tweet #6

Not all renters were created equally. Some understand every business is currently struggling to make ends meet, while others, well, just like to complain.

Regardless, there will be some angry or unreasonable prospects, and this year has been hard on everyone—but always remember, the good ones will make it all worth it at the end of the day.

7. But don’t forget the perks!

Tweet #7

Sure, stay at home regulations can be a bit of a drag. But guess what? Leasing agents in snowy states didn’t have to do any heavy lifting (literally) just to show prospects their property.

In fact, they got to experience a more seamless way of leasing: virtual leasing. Which, at the very least, does not require constant shoveling of snow.

8. Remembering home is the most important place to people

Tweet #8

Yes, this year had its ups and downs. But how amazing is it to say you’re responsible for ensuring people have homes to stay in during a time where it’s absolutely necessary?

Post-pandemic, people will still want to stay at home. And real estate employees can say that they put in the work to ensure their community was safe, functioning, and made it through a global pandemic.

Real estate and multifamily pros, we appreciate you!

All jokes aside, this year had been difficult for most. The transition may not have been easy, but real estate professionals managed to keep business afloat while simultaneously keeping renters satisfied, and that is commendable.

If you’re in real estate, multifamily, and even student living, know we appreciate you—if you know someone in real estate, make sure you let them know you appreciate them, too!

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