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4 New Amenity Trends Renters Now Crave in Their Apartment Hunt

4 New Amenity Trends Renters Now Crave in Their Apartment Hunt

During the pandemic, renters searched for new amenities in their apartment search. Luxury amenities used to be all the rage, from fancy fitness centers and luxury clubhouses to flashy rooftops and over-the-top apartment finishes.

Don’t get us wrong⁠—these amenities are just as important, but priorities have shifted in what prospective tenants request from the multifamily industry. 

So what do those amenities look like? Convenience and tech are now at the top of renters’ lists. We break down some of the latest amenities renters are looking for.


More Space Is Essential

With so many companies having to shift their employees to work from home, many renters found that they just didn’t have the space or setup for a home office. And while many people have returned to the office, at least partially, working from home is not going anywhere for most people.

The world found that working from home or a hybrid model worked for many companies. As a result, renters are looking for floor plans with more space and specifically upgrading to more bedrooms to have an in-home office. In fact, 73 percent of renters say having a large living space is highly important, an increase from 2020. 

Developers are now looking to incorporate other options for more space in the floor plans, whether that means an extra bedroom, a bigger island in the kitchen for eating and working, or small nooks with a desk area to accommodate those who work from home. 

Fancy Technology Has Seen Increase Demand

Streaming services, working from home, and all the other gadgets nowadays that require an internet connection have come to the forefront of what is considered important for renters.

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People have decided that because they are now using so much internet and technology (not to mention competing with speeds from nearby buildings and other work-from-home renters), a number one priority for renters is fast and consistent internet speeds.

A lot of apartments are given WalkScores for potential residents to view. But now, launched in June of this year was something called WiredScore. Multifamily communities get reviews and grades based on how fast and consistent their internet is, which will be important when people search for their next place to live. 

Fancy Technology Has Taken The Lead Over Fancy Finishes

Top view of woman drinking of coffee with checking the message on cellphone

The internet speed isn’t the only part of technology renters will focus on. People also want to see an upgrade in the different technologies apartment buildings will provide.

So whether that means keyless entry, smart thermostats, or other smart home-related products, communities must step up their game (if they haven’t already).

Especially since many people will continue to work from home even sometimes, they want that extra security and efficiency

According to a 2021 study by Assurant, nearly 47 percent of renters say that smart home technology increases their interest in an apartment, and more than 52 percent of those say smart locks are the technology that will increase that interest even more. 

Delivery guy holding package while woman is signing documents

Order Online And Pick Up Here

Online shopping was already amped up before the pandemic, but after several lockdowns forced people to stay home a minimum of 2 weeks, 2020 saw an e-commerce growth of 32.4% year over year.

So it’s no wonder that contactless solutions have become the norm, and many people want to see that stick around, at least in some aspects—mainly shipping and delivery. 

According to the United States Postal Service, shipping and package volume in 2020 rose by 1.1. Billion parcels and 1.5 million new delivery points were added to their shipping record. 

Americans spend a lot of money on online orders, so how does that affect the multifamily industry?

Renters want to see smart lockers in the mail room. This provides a contactless option, and these lockers can be accessed at any time of the day. Renters no longer would have to worry about packages going missing or being delivered to the wrong address. And as an added bonus, property managers don't have the burden of coordinating package drop-offs. 

To learn more about showing off the best luxury amenities your community offers, click here to talk to the sales team today.

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