Advanced Embedding options for TourBuilder tours


Disabling full screen

To hide all fullscreen buttons, simply pass in a hideFullScreen parameter to PANOSKIN.create

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Hiding menu buttons

To hide any of the menu buttons, simply pass in a hideButtons parameterThe hideButtons parameter needs to be an array containing the id of the buttons you want to hide (info, map, contact, callToAction, share, fullscreen, etc.)


Starting on a specific scene

To start on a specific scene include the id of the scene you want to start in panoStart.panoid



Starting on a specific POV

To start the scene in a specific perspective, pass in heading, pitch, and zoom to panoStart.pov. Heading is lateral movement 0-360 degrees. Pitch is vertical movement 90 to -90 where 0 is the equator, 90 is facing the north pole, and -90 is facing the south pole of a sphere. 



Setting a different theme

To start change the theme used by the tour, pass in a themeId parameter. This should include the id of the theme you want to use.



Listening to events

TourBuilder fires events every time a scene changes, image gallery item or video is viewed, and anytime a menu item is clicked. These events are passed to Google Analytics on the page if it is present automatically. You can also disable this and listen to the events manually. 

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